A Very Underwhelming and Mildly Hilarious Introduction To My Vanity.

Hello to my minuscule in number yet generous-with-their-time clientele. My name is none of your business and my business is doing my best to entertain anyone and everyone who clicks on the wrong link and happens upon my blog. I foresee that this site will mostly consist of written articles by your’s truly. In light of this fact, and in full realization that the desire for literacy the world over is rapidly deteriorating, I expect that I will seldom generate interest in the brain droppings that make their way out of my cerebral cortex. This said, any viewership, comments, and positive feedback (or hate mail, I suppose) that I am presented with by yours truly will be greatly appreciated. My interests are vast, my expertise non-existent, and my sarcasm abundant so I am looking forward to generating some laughter, tears, and possibly some thought provocation. So strap in, turn on the afterburners, and talk to me Goose, because I live for feedback and I am ready to blow your mind with a smorgasbord of exquisite vocabulary and spectacular content. Bravo to anyone who picked up on that Top Gun reference and Au Revoir to my French pals.

Yours very sincerely and respectfully,

A Not-So-Well Respected Man


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